Imlac Loader

Here are a couple of programs written using the GCC compiler tools available for free from Cygnus. These programs run from a command line prompt in either a windows DOS command prompt or under the bash shell (also available in the Cygnus distribution). They do require that the cygwinb19.dll file be in the PATH in order to execute properly.
  • Serial line loader - imload.exe (320536)
  • Binary dissassembler (partially complete) - dis.exe (310579)

  • One useful feature of the imload.exe program is that by using the -info option, the binary can be examined to determine if it is a 4-bit or 8-bit file. The 4-bit files are typically long vector binaries and should only be loaded into a long vector Imlac. Running a long vector program on a short vector machine will burn out the short vector deflection amplifiers.